The application of the Stick2Wood products is due to its concept “Peel it. Stick it. Love it.” really easy and therefore, no manual skills are required. How to prettify your home in only a few steps is explained in the following section.

Application video

Step-by-step tutorial

1. In order to get accustomed to the indoor climate, the opened Stick2Wood package needs to be left in the intended room for 48 hours. Each package contains 2.4 qm.

2. A saw, a spirit level, a tape measure and sandpaper are the only things you need. For the cleaning of the wall and removal of the nails you also need pliers and a dry cloth.

3. Remove the nails, screws, etc. from the wall.

4. Wipe the wall clean with a dry cloth.

5. Leave a gap of 2 centimetres to the top end of the wall and from this point, measure a multiple of 13cm downwards.

6. At this point draw a horizontal line using a spirit level.

7. Remove the plastic foil from the adhesive strips.

8. Start with the first row below the drawn auxiliary line.

9. The second component should be placed offset above the auxiliary line.

10. The first two components form the baseline for all the other components on the wall.

11. If you need to trim any of the pieces just mark it with a pencil.

12. For trimming the components a customary handsaw, circular saw, jigsaw or chop saw is needed.

13. Use the sandpaper to smooth the sawn edges.

14. The cut components can be equipped with the adhesive strips that are enclosed.

Finished! You will be delighted by the great result only after a short time.